What to expect after the burnout (III)

We need to talk about focus. In the first two chapters we've painted a good picture (number one and number two) of what it is like when you've gone through that rabbit hole called burnout. To help you, I'll give you a sense of what happens afterwards. One of the things I am must thankful for that my burnout gave me, is the incredible amount of focus I gained when it was done. So, let me grand you that same perspective by telling you a part of my story.

Right now you are probably among the more unfocused people in the world. Don't punish yourself for this. It is part of the process in which your body, mind and soul are re-calibrating themselves for the better. The blurriness is needed to give you time and space. Yet I know it is no fun of course. As always, I am very aware of the pain you are going through, so everything I tell you comes from that loving place. On the other hand, you are probably also aware by now that negativity has a function: your healing starts with the awareness of what needs to be healed.

So how does focus fit into all of this? Well, it's one of the perks of burnout recovery. I went from someone who was completely overwhelmed by life's challenges to someone who is now calm and collected in the face of just about everything life throws at me. That's not because I have become less emotional. If anything, it's because I am now more emotional. I am much better aware of what I feel and crucially: why. This means I have more control on whether I not I act upon an emotion.

This control frees my mind of cluttered up thoughts. This is especially true for stress and anxiety. During the burnout you've become more aware of both, meaning you'll adjust more quickly to avoid them. This means you create space within yourself to work and live without that added stress. You become zen. And just like in the better kung fu movies, this brings focus. You are now balanced.

Now, being zen does not mean being inactive. It is actually the polar opposite. It means you control when you become active. You choose when to take action, instead of life choosing it for you. For most of us to get there however, does mean embracing a certain amount of physicality. This will both help you recover during your burnout as well as stay focused after. To give you a sense: I do Qi Gong, Yoga and boxing to maintain that balance.

And it shows in my work. I've become a better writer and a better musician. And it feels like I've just begun. So however bad you are feeling now - as I did too - know that extra focus is one of the great outcomes from the burnout . And however painful it may be, remember that is what the burnout is for: to help you get rid of everything that doesn't suit you.

Take it easy as always, and love.