What to expect after burnout (II)

Even when still in a burnout, it can be beneficial to make you aware of what happens when it subsides. Following part I, here is part two where we discuss how you are likely to have become more sensitive in all aspects of life. And although that sounds very positive, it is important to manage your expectations, as always. If you do this properly there really is a awful lot to gain from the lessons of your burnout. So, let's prepare you.

After all the negativity (which has its function), you'll feel you'll have shed a lot of excess baggage. You'll feel light. With that lightness comes a degree of extra sensitivity in all aspects of life. First off, you'll be more sensitive to physical things. You'll notice imbalances in your system much sooner than you did before. Anything from headaches to muscle pains to colds will be more pronounced.

This can make you a little more anxious, simply because you are not used to it. Yet it is a positive thing. It means your body's warning system has re-calibrated and gives off signs to rest and recover quickly and more accurately. It goes without saying you'll want to listen to those signals, lest history repeats itself. Plus, responding to the signals has the added benefit of keeping you much fitter and sharper in the long run.

Food consumption will also likely change, also due to extra sensitivity. Coffee for instance will have a much bigger effect on you than before. Including the anxiety associated with it. You'll be less prone to eating food rich with carbs simply because you'll need less energy to reach the right cortisol balance. An overall awareness of what you put into your body will likely have grown. Many people cut down on meat after a burnout for instance. They are now more aware of animal harm and more sensitive to the negative effects on their bodies.

Emotions of other people are a bit of a paradox after the burnout. You'll notice them much quickly but you'll also be less persuaded to copy them if they are negative. You will be more able to 'stay with your self', as the cliché goes. Fortunately this works the other way around as well: you'll be more engaged in positive emotions, not only making you appear happier to others but also feel more happiness inside. And connecting to their happiness too.

The best way to describe is again with a cliché: 'you connect with your inner child. This does not mean becoming childish. It means you'll be able to tap into the right emotions more easily, just as you did when you were a child. This also means that in stressful situations you'll be able to better identify the right emotions and the approriate reaction to it.

Decision-making in general (also in non-stressful situations) will have improved. This is because the burnout made you aware of those things that do not benefit you. And that's usually a lot of stuff. Meaning that not only you'll have gained confidence in decision making but also the amount of actual decisions you'll have to make will have reduced. You've shed the excess baggage, so to speak.

Lost but not least, all of that emotional awareness will mean you are now just that: emotionally very aware. A whiff of a flower, a romantic scene in a movie, a win on the squash court... you'll be more prone to exaltation, crying, intense joy and all the other emotions out there that make life great.

It's a lot to take in I know. But it is for the better. It's a good reminder that however tough, your burnout functions as the signal to better your life indefinitely. You'll become more mindful, aware and connected to the world around you. You'll feel that connection much better, as if it were an unbreakable halo all around you.

After all, that's what's the burnout is for.

Take it easy as always. Love.