Flow In The Now

One of the strongest solutions to burnout is the ability to connect to the now. This means your thoughts don't drift away to the past or the future but stay in the exact moment you are experiencing this instant, in complete focus. Learning how to do this is will not only help you with your recovery, in time it will help you reach that coveted state of flow in your life and work. So, let's explore!

Almost all mindfulness courses start the same: focusing on a single raisin. Usually you are instructed to look at it intensely, examine it completely and experience looking, touching, tasting and eventually eating it to the absolute max. It's a weird and funny exercise that seems totally unnecessary. But in actuality, it's the whole point.

Those doctors, musicians, writers, athletes, actors and everybody else who experience the deeply satisfying feeling of 'flow' in their work will know what I'm talking about. Essentially it feels like your body and mind just do what they have to do, without any effort whatsoever. Also, you seem to not think anymore, just feel. Which is an extremely pleasant feeling.

That overthinking is of course the big problem with burnout. Your mind keeps making up doom scenario's and keeps punishing you... I know the feeling, trust me. So that state of flow may seem far off. But it is something you can practice. And it gives you a double reward. Not only will it distract from those unhelpful thoughts, in time it will help you reach both career and personal heights you never could have imagined.

So, there you have it. Your truly awful burnout is actually the start of your state of flow. Just take it step by step. And easy as always.