Burnout Solution 7: Signals of your body

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Very often burnout victims have not paid attention to the signals their body gave them. Heck, I even ignored an episode when I landed in the emergency room with a gigantic panic attack! So yes, this lesson is very, very simple: don’t ignore signals... stupid!

When you are moving towards a burnout your body is over producing a very useful hormone called cortisol. This is known as the ‘stress-hormone’ and is actually very beneficial to your overall health and general safety. Yet if you keep rushing through life with careers and family pressures or if you ignore traumatic episodes that have happened earlier without talking about them, the stress levels rise too far.

In essence, your body wants you to stop stressing. And if it figures out subconsciously that you are not changing your behavior it takes action on its own. It gives you a panic attack or feelings of detachment, fear, anger and frustration. In other words, your body takes over from your mind.

You can prevent this from happening by not ignoring signals and actually fully embracing your negative emotions. Anger, fear, frustration, regret, grief, stress, anxiety… if you feel these or others in the negative emotional spectrum, just take time off. And allow them to flow inside you. They are signals that will ultimately help you change things for the better.

Trust me, it is better to stop for a while and face the consequences of your ‘pause’ than to fall into a full-on burnout!

And take it easy. Love.