Burnout Solution 6: Relationships

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

A special mention in your personal road to recovery is friends and family. Of course they are the ones who stand by you in your time of need. However sometimes they can also be part of the cause of your burnout. Try to tread lightly here and take it easy in your relationships with them. Take time to feel your way through.

Quite a few of my personal relationships have changed both during and after the burnout. During the burnout I discovered many of the relationships with the people around me where at odds with my life goals and my feelings. People cannot help to have expectations of you, even if they only exist in their own minds. You’ll have to forgive them for that. But you do not, under any circumstance, have to try to fulfil the expectations of course!

This will be one of the toughest parts of recovering; reshaping the relationships with your loved ones. You have no other choice than to do it. But it’ll be tough. So… take it easy. Do it step by step. Fill in your own agenda, not someone else’s! This will ultimately help you recover quicker. It’s your road to recovery, not theirs.

At times things will look bad concerning those relationships. But the work you do on them during the burnout will get you into a much better position to have the right relationships after. So even when they look bad now, they will improve and go your way.

And take it easy. Love.