Burnout Solution 4: About Highly Personal Approaches

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

This solution is about lesson two; the need to make your recovery highly personal. To

demonstrate lets look at a lesson I have learned from my haptotherapist. In the book I

discuss solutions surrounding physical exercise. I point out that going for a run is not to

be recommended because running increases cortisol in your blood; the stress hormone

we want to reduce! I personally felt very anxious during runs so I stopped.

However, my haptotherapist pointed out that for some people it might actually be a

good solution. If you are not a naturally ‘sporty’ person, running can help you wake up your body to produce the hormones you need to recover. I reckon you won’t fall in love with it but it might be the ‘pain-pill’ that works out for you personally.

The reason I believe your approach should be made highly personal, is because I don’t

believe in standard step-by- step programs to recovery. Solving a burnout is a process

but only you can determine its steps. It like to say it takes a thousands tiny ones. The

advice from my haptotherapist only confirms that notion; keep it really personal and

find out what’s best for you.

And take it easy. Love.