Burnout Solution 2: Why the Way Out is the Same For All

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

The tendency of psychologists and psychiatrists is to focus deeply on the cause of your burnout, depression, grief, and mental breakdown or traumatized state. That is very, very good of course. But in my experience that is only half of the solution to burnout. Work the mind yes, but also the body.

The other half consists of relieving your symptoms by removing and/or dealing with triggers and becoming much more aware of signals that trigger your bad feelings. Why is this just as important as tackling your causes? It has to do with what happens in your body during those negative mental states and the hormones that are being produced. Never forget, all the hormones your body produces when you are down are helpful. It’s just that in a burnout state, they tend to overproduce. Especially cortisol - the ‘good’ stress hormone that shields us from danger and disease – is produced more. Looking at the causes of your burnout does not immediately alleviate this production.

To reduce the hormone production you can do very different things, such as taking a

walk, a shower or any of the other solutions we discuss on these blogpages and in the

book. Think along the lines of exercise, a sauna, Tai Chi, yoga, martial arts, meditation…

anything moving or relaxing the body. Why? Because the mind always follows quickly.

So, this means that whatever your mental problems half of the solution is the same for all

of us: focus on the body. So, take a two-pronged approach. Keep working on the mind

and your causes. But take your body with you. Doing this consistently could cut your

Restart time in half.

And take it easy. Love.