Burnout Solution 19: Centering Energy

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

When in a burnout state you are both physically and mentally out of balance. You'd be surprised however how quickly you can actually re-balance when you're using the proper tools. Prepare yourself to release a lot of emotions when you do. Yet speaking from experience, I can tell you it is totally worth it. So in this post, let's talk balance.

When you are centered, you breathe from the belly (abdominal breathing), you take things how they truly are and your emotions are in line. Generally you'll feel happy. To achieve this however can seem very hard when you are feeling down. In reality it is actually not that hard to achieve. The hard part is not finding balance but coping with it if you are burned out. Because in those moments that you do feel balanced, it is very likely that a lot of your emotions will come to the surface.

So when balancing, prepare to cry, feel angry, weirdly euphoric or any other emotion that needs to be released in your body. This is of course a good thing. Nevertheless, the feelings van be overwhelming sometimes. So, now that you are prepared, let's discuss a few ways to balance yourself quickly.

The first is breathing. In a state of stress we tend to breathe from the upper chest. Breathing there is the physical manifestation of anxiety. Bringing the breathing down to the belly gives means that your body relaxes, followed almost instantly by the mind. Try to ease into it. It should feel easy and relaxed to do so.

A second tip is to meditate or do yoga. This brings balance quickly too. Since this is a little harder to do if you are not used to it, again try to ease into it. Try it slowly, stop when it feels awkward, start again when you feel yourself relaxing.

The third tip is the martial arts. By concentrating on deliberate movements we first calm the mind by distracting it from unwanted thoughts. The body will follow, building a more long-lasting resilience to unbalances.

And take it easy. Love.