Burnout Solution 18: The Winter Holidays

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Ok. The winter holidays. Sigh. As long as I can remember I was never that fond of them. If you are feeling down or burned out in the first place, they can add to the negative feelings. So here's my tip to you: start seeing them as an opportunity to regain control of what works for you. How? Well, they are your holidays too. So, form them to your needs.

The biggest problem I find with the winter holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and the Saint Nicolas variations in North Western Europe, is this: those who feel happy seem oblivious to those who feel down. Add to this the bombardment of 'feel good' advertising and movies and one can start feeling like no one understands you. The reality however is that most people actually experience similar feelings.

There is an obvious way out of this that most people seem to miss however: you should simply try to care less. What happens to us during this period is that we are mainly focused on what others do and think. The paradigm is that the winter holidays are about loved ones, so we almost automatically switch to thinking less about what we ourselves need. And that's a shame because when you do so, you're missing an opportunity.

Choosing to put your own needs first during this winter time means choosing exactly what and how you wish to experience it. Even making small choices on exactly what you wish to do and how this period works best for you, and communicating them, will already give you a great sense of regained control. The winter holidays are so 'heavy' on emotion that any tiny step you take to do what you feel like will be a major victory.

So, when you're down during the winter holidays, acknowledge those emotions and try to see it as an opportunity to gain control on how you wish to spend them.

And take it easy. Love.