Stress Relief 1: The Shower

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

As we’ve mentioned in our first blog The Walk, focusing on causes of burnout is important but treating the symptoms can be just as beneficial. It’s all about taking a measured approach, a thousand tiny steps, that will slowly get you out of your burnout.

Taking a shower is one of those solutions that help when you feel acute anxiety due to your stress hormones being triggered. Showers, baths and sauna’s heat up the body, making it easier to reduce those hormones. If your stress symptoms also raise your heart rate you can experiment mixing hot and cold showers. A cold shower always reduces the heart rate automatically, alleviating symptoms quickly and effectively. Take it easy of course with that hot and cold mixing, especially if you are not used to it. Just heating up the body will already make you feel better.

Alright, there we go, a quick and effective tip to get rid of acute stress symptoms. See if it

suits you, we’ll keep the blogs and tips coming.

And take it easy. Love.