Burnout Solution 17: Light in winter days

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Winter can be especially challenging for those of us who are struggling with stress and burnout. The reduction of daylight plays a key role in this. Our bodies produce less of the hormones that keep us more upbeat. This fact however, can actually work in our favour. The beauty is that we can look at this from a physical point of view and not just from the mental. There are literally dozens of ways to strengthen your resolve because of this. So let's have a look at a few of them.

The first is obviously to get out in daylight if you can. Preferably to take a good walk. But there is more. Sauna's and spa's are known to greatly increase your resilience against stress. If possible, take one with infrared light since this increases the Vitamin D production that the sun usually gives you. Then there is sleep. Since there is less daylight, why stay up late anyway? Our bodies are already switching to sleep-mode earlier than in the summer anyway, so why not give in? Burnout is all about acceptance anyway.

Gradual changes to your diet are also good for your burnout recovery. We tend to go for the heavier foods such as meats and extra carbs during the winter. This is perfectly fine of course. If you are burned out your body often needs the extra energy. But mixing in the foods that are high on anti-oxidants can give you that boost too. Of course, please don't go all diety on us. But a few small and gradual changes can mean a lot.

Then there is exercise. It's all up to you what you prefer, since your burnout recovery should be made highly personal. Still, I can make recommendations in light exercises that can have great results. Try for instance to find a few Qi Gong video's on channels like this. This light form of exercise centers both the mind and the body simultaneously and are not that hard to perform if your energy is low.

In other words, get out of your mind and into your body. Take it easy. Love.