Burnout Solution 14: The Stoic Philosophy

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

One of the hardest things to do is to restart your inner emotional world during a burnout. You are looking for your feelings, trying to find the right emotions and hoping you get those positive thoughts back. That’s the right goal. Yet there is a trick to get there at first may seem strange: you can start to feel more by caring less. And it’s based on Ancient Greek philosophy.

The idea to care less is based on Stoic philosophy; an ancient way of thinking that was pioneered by the Greek and later fine tuned by Roman mastermind Marcus Aurelius. It basically revolves around the idea that one embraces reality in a very radical way. Whatever the reality, you accept it without question. What matters is not what is real. What matters is how you react to it. And there you always have a choice.

This means your perception becomes less relevant and so do your emotions about something. Reality doesn’t simply change because you feel something about it. This may sound cruel or heartless. But it is in fact the opposite. You will become a warmer person by embracing the stoic concept. I know I have! Because while reality will not change because of what you feel… you do have control over what you feel.

So maybe your burnout makes you angry about something. You probably can’t change that situation. But you can decide to accept it. Meaning you will care a little less about it. Hence, you feel less angry.

This works for all emotions. Whether its about your career, your loved ones, the political situation, your friends, the traffic or even your burnout… they are all unlikely to change anytime soon. Especially with you being a couch potato for a while. So why not try to accept them. To embrace reality fully? And then… control what you feel about it. Or even better, care a little less.

This will create room for those things that are important to you and which you can control. And those things, you can shower with warmth.

And take it easy. Love.