Stress Relief 2: Anxiety and Scent

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Since your body is fatigued and your mind is not its usual happy self, we are always looking for things that can snap us out of this burnout feeling. Scent is extremely important to your system. So if you feel down, experiment with scents.

Now I’m no expert on essential oils and aroma therapy, so this one goes out to Dashama Gordon and here YouTube video’s for explaining some of them. She mentions the smell of roses and citrus as uplifting, so try them out of course. And feel free to experiment with many other scents to find out what works for you.

I however wish to single out lavender, since that has helped me a lot in my worst moments. To much amusement of my loved ones I might add.

Anxiety is a common symptom of burnout. Lavender is known for its calming effect. The beauty of lavender is that it works immediately; calming you down on the spot when you have anxiety and even helping you sleep in bad times.

For me this was weird and funny at the same time during by burnout. I used to carry sacks of lavender around for moments when I’d feel bad. But I also have mild hay-fever.

This meant that every time I went into panic mode, I’d sniff on the lavender and come out sneezing and happy again.

Try it out. I hope you don’t have hay-fever!

And take it easy. Love.