Burnout Solution 10: Overthinking

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

When we are in a burnout state it can be hard for us to think clearly about what we need to get out of it. The trick is not to think as much at all. We just need to feel what would work for us. Fortunately, there are many techniques than can help spark that emotional world into motion again.

When burned out we tend to over-analyse all kinds of things. We try to rationalize our condition or come up with all kinds of scenarios that aren’t rooted in the real world around us. It can be incredibly frustrating to realize this. We can feel like we can’t stop it and need some help to snap us out if this over-thinking.

Thank God that really is possible! There is one thing that can snap you out of it: a focus on the physical. All you need to do is something physical. It can be crazy stuff like starting to jump or dance around the room. Or laying your hand on your belly and focus on how that feels. Or start self massaging painful body parts. Or mowing the lawn.

There are also a lot of meditations available online that focus on the body. Try those out. Of course, taking a walk is a good one. And so are all kinds of sports, especially the Martial Arts. Anything physical really will help you.

What happens if you do this? You stop the over-thinking. This makes room for what you feel instead of what you can rationally comprehend. Thinking is fine of course. But having your mind go in overdrive is not! That’s very uncomfortable. In others words, doing something physical will clear the excess thought patterns in that moment. Allowing your emotions to shine through.

And take it easy. Love.