Breakthroughs aren't beautiful, they hurt

The words you often hear around mental recovery is that you get insights, epiphanies and breakthroughs. They are beautiful words. However, in real life the feeling is very different. Breakthroughs hurt big time, and are generally truly horrible to experience. So don't let anyone romanticize your process. Instead, try to flow with as little resistance as possible.

Being confronted with your fears, your bad traits and your flaws during a mental recovery is very, very painful. Yet we use beautiful words to describe them. And often people romanticize what happens to you. They focus on what makes you a better person, the positive outcomes, the successes you'll have after your recovery. But if you're reading this, chances are you are not feeling the success. Instead, you feel the pain.

The pain is necessary of course. You already know this on a mental level. But physically and emotionally you're experiencing a rough time. So hereby I give you the tools you need to go through this process more easily. The idea is to reach a more fluid acceptance of your situation and to reduce the resistance to it. The general rule of thumb is: the more resistance, the more pain. The less resistance, the easier it gets.

First, accept that you have these feelings. Second, know that you are not alone: millions of people experience the same. Third, breathe low and deep in the belly and keep doing this until you start to feel a little better. And fourth, either write down your feelings or communicate with other people.

Plus, you can already try to feel the feelings you get when you're out of it again.

When you accept your feelings, accept you are not alone and accept that mental challenges are more physical than often thought, you can start letting go and reach more flow.

Don't let the beauty of the words for recovery fool you, it'll be rough. But you know what, it's not just a rough time you are going through, you are becoming rougher and stronger yourself because of it. The beauty is in the rawness of it all.

And as always, take it easy.