Aug 25, 2018

Respect yourself and embrace your burnout... you rule!


Edited: Aug 26, 2018

I totally agree with the earlier comments...put yourself first - not the causes. Create moments of 'winning' - even the smallest are amazing in keeping you on your side. Burnout is a 'tearing yourself down' experience when left to run its course. Looking for remedies that work for you is an important first step to get back to respecting, acknowledging and still seeing yourself in the middle of a whirlwind. You can talk back to your burnout and create a place for you 'outside and apart' from your burnout because you count - you matter! You can build your sense of you back up again, and work your way to letting go of the burnout and its causes - without denying either. Essentially, you find 'your you' and that's what will pave your way forward, and back to yourself. You are your own best antidote to burnout. Rogier's book - Restart - is a 'grab and go' resource that puts you front and center - during, after and perhaps even before... burnout. Afterall, there are different shades of stress for a lot of us that seem to come with the territory of living in today's world, and Restart can help you navigate that terrain in simple and mindful ways.

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  • Very recognizable. You can tell Rogier knows what he is talking about. In between the lines it shows how much you can grow especially because you have this burnout. Maybe it is because of that it gives a comforting feeling reading it. It’s like Rogier is sitting next to you, holding your hand, explaining what is going on. Very well done. A burnout is not the end. It is just the beginning. Rogier I am very proud of you
  • This book helped my brother understand his feelings, and made him realize there are possibilities to help himself/he can be helped. He is pushing really hard to find the help that suits him best. This book gives him a change for a restart. At this moment, small progress is made. I feel and hope this book helps him recover even more. Thanks Rogier!
  • People usually focus on the problems of the burnout patient and sometimes it looks like they forget this "situation" is also very stressful for the caring partners of those who suffer from burnout. "Restart" gave me more insight in how to help my beloved one. That was excellent for both of us.