Share your solutions for burnout

Apr 1

Very recognizable. You can tell Rogier knows what he is talking about. In between the lines it shows how much you can grow especially because you have this burnout. Maybe it is because of that it give
Aug 27, 2018

People usually focus on the problems of the burnout patient and sometimes it looks like they forget this "situation" is also very stressful for the caring partners of those who suffer from burnout. "R
Aug 25, 2018

I totally agree with the earlier comments...put yourself first - not the causes. Create moments of 'winning' - even the smallest are amazing in keeping you on your side. Burnout is a 'tearing yourself
May 14, 2018

Rogier tells it like it is! Your burnout and burnout recovery are highly personal. It is my professional opinion that he makes a bold and neccesary move by writing this from a patient perspective. In
Oct 29, 2018

This book helped my brother understand his feelings, and made him realize there are possibilities to help himself/he can be helped. He is pushing really hard to find the help that suits him best. This
Aug 27, 2018

This book made it so much easier for me to understand my sister who’s suffering from a burn-out. It’s been very helpful for us both!
May 20, 2018

It's been nice reading your book. With you I agree that everybody dealing with Burn Out can recognize what is actually going on. And I am sure that readers will be inspired by your story. You descri
May 5, 2018

Hello! Happy to have you in the forum. Any and all tips or solutions about how you've dealt with burnout or are in the process of doing now are welcome!